And I love you,I love you Thanks for the times that you've given me感謝你跟我共渡的那些時光房地產The memories are all in my mind這些回憶都在我心底And now that we've come to the end of our 借貸rainbow現在我們已經走到了彩虹的盡頭There's something I must say out loud有些事我必須大聲的對設計裝潢你說You're once,twice,three times a lady你是我今生唯一的愛And I love you我愛你結婚西裝Yes,you're once,twice,是的,你是我今生唯一的愛three times a lady,and I love you I,love you我seo愛你 我真的愛你When we are together the moments當我們在一起的時候I cherish with every beat of 裝潢my heart我用我的心To touch you,to hold you,去體會、珍惜、擁抱、接近你的這段時光to feel you,to 買屋網need you感受你的存在及學著依賴你There's nothing to keep us apart再也沒有什麼能把我們分開關鍵字廣告You're once, twice, three times a lady你是我今生唯一的愛And I love you,I love you我愛你 我真烤肉食材的愛你

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